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QU12, United Kingdom

Avid quizzers in United Kingdom, need no introduction to the runaway success - QU12.

QU12 is a high-jepoardy quiz comprising of 12 monthly qualifiers (held at various venues across the country) and an end of season final.

The finale is played in December, at the end of the last tournament, between the 12 champions from each month. The winner of this quiz series receives the 'Prix Pathetique' of £500.

This is what Mr. Steve Kidd, the organiser QU12 had to say about the competition's philosophy -

"I set out to make a great quiz, with copious content, great competitors on a level playing field. No selection, other than merit, the content and competitors being the stars.Without any doubt QU12 has been the best quiz ever committed to film."

For Mr. Kidd, of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' fame, LightSpeed Buzzer App was the obvious choice.

"The App is a no-brainer to use and it does not require an elaborate set-up. Unlike many other solutions, which require a laptop software and internet to function, LightSpeed Buzzer simply requires just a smartphone !

The cherry on the cake, was that LightSpeed Buzzer could resolve ties upto a nano-second, something that the fast nature of the game demanded and which no other solution (hardware/software) could deliver."

QU12 is an open buzzer quiz for people who love their questions and enjoy company of others who do also.If you love quizzes, and you are in the vicinity, be sure to check them out here !

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