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Setting up a Buzzer Quiz ...

We at LightSpeed Buzzer pride ourselves on having created perhaps the simplest and easiest buzzer solution to use. 

Ours is also arguably the fastest and most accurate buzzer system in use, thanks to the proprietary networking algorithm that powers it.

Setting up a LightSpeed Buzzer Quiz is as easy as 1..2..3 !!

The Buzzer Quiz can be up and running in less than a minute by following these steps -

1) Connect all devices - Quiz Master's as well as all the participants', to the same WiFi network (Internet is not required).

The recommended approach is to use any standard router or a hotspot device like JioFi for this purpose.

You can also create a hotspot from your laptop (using a software like Connectify) or from a non-participating mobile phone. However such a hotspot tends to become unstable as the number of connected devices increase.

2) Everyone launches the App.

Quiz Masters enter the Passcode and press the "Quiz Master" button.

The Quiz Master can then optionally, set the points won/lost per question by tapping on the 'Score' button. The default value is +2/-1.

Quiz Master presses the 'Start' button.

Participants don't require a passcode, and simply press the "Participant" button.

Each team enter a unique team name at space provided at the top.

If the teams don't like the default buzzer sound, they can choose a new one by tapping on the 'Tune' button. 

The participants press on the 'Start' button, one by one, until everyone is connected to the Quiz Master.

Quiz Master can verify the list of all connected participants by clicking on the "List" button.

3) Before asking any question, the Quiz Master should tap on the 'Reset' button.

Participants should then tap on the Buzzer icon on their screens if they know the answer.

Quiz Master is informed of the teams who have buzzed in a chronological order.

Quiz Master can evaluate the answers by tapping on the name of the team in the Buzz list.

Remember, Quiz Master must 'Reset' the buzzers to unblock all teams before asking the next question !

Both the participants as well as the Quiz Master can see the current score board from their respective screens by pressing on the 'Score' button.

Happy Quizzing !!