Pricing and Passcodes

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Is the App free to use?

  • The App is completely free to use for participants of a quiz.

  • However, Quiz masters need to purchase a PassCode before hosting a quiz.

  • A free trial PassCode for demonstration purposes is available.

What are PassCodes?

PassCode is a 5 character long, alphanumeric password that is required by Quiz masters in order to host a quizzing session.
Keep in mind that the PassCodes are case-sensitive. They are generated for, and will work only on, the specific device model, registered device email id and in some cases, the specified date of event. PassCodes are non-transferable.

What are the types of PassCodes?

There are 3 types of PassCodes available -


  • For a free demo session, enter the PassCode -'trial'.In this session, Quiz Masters can connect to as many participants as they wish.However, dummy names will be used for the participants who buzz.This will help you test the scalability of the quiz network and to get a feel of the various features, without being able to conduct a proper quiz.


  • The Regular Passcode is valid for a period of 24 hours, starting at 00:00 hours on the specified date.It can be used only on the authorized device and by the authorized account user.Within this 24 hour period, the PassCode can be used for as many quizzing sessions as desired.


  • The Master Passcode has NO expiry date. It can be used only on the authorized device and by the authorized account user.It can be used for as many quizzing sessions as desired.

What is the PassCode pricing?

We provide a competitive and flexible pricing scheme.


  • The 'trial' PassCode is free of cost.

  • A Regular PassCode costs 2.99 $ (US Dollars).

  • The price of a Master PassCode is 13.99 $ (US Dollars).


 For further enquiries, feel free to contact us by email at

How can I request for a PassCode?

  • To request for a PassCode click on ‘Don’t have a PassCode?’ link on the homescreen of the App.

  • In case you are requesting for a Regular PassCode, choose the date for the Quiz event.

  • Complete the payment via Google Play in-app purchase pop-up or via PayPal.

  • Details of your previously purchased PassCodes are also shown in this section.

Any other details about the PassCode?

For all the nitty-gritty please refer to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of ‘LightSpeed’.

  • Quiz masters hosting an event without purchasing a PassCode, by using a PassCode that was not generated/sent by us or by using a PassCode that was invalid, shall invite legal action.

  • Quiz masters using a PassCode on either an unauthorized account, unauthorized device or an unauthorized date, shall be liable to face legal action.

  • We are not liable for the PassCode generated by us failing to work for you.It is advisable to send us the PassCode request well in time(about a week) before your event takes place.Also, it is advisable to check, on the day of the event, if the PassCode works properly ,much before the event actually takes place.

  • In the rare eventuality that a generated PassCode fails to work, we may generate a new PassCode only after ascertaining that the request email sent by you was not tampered with and that the PassCode originally sent had failed to work.We make no assurance that the replacement PassCode will reach you in time for your event and that the replacement PassCode will work properly.

  • We do not, as a general rule, provide refunds for any purchases of the PassCodes made.An exception can be made in a rare case, which rests totally upon our goodwill.Therefore, it is advisable to try out the ‘trial’ passcode before purchasing a Regular PassCode and to try out a Regular PassCode before purchasing a Master PassCode.

  • The price of the PassCodes are subject to change at our discretion without any prior notice.


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