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What is LightSpeed Quiz Buzzer ?

LightSpeed Quiz Buzzer is a mobile software replacement for the traditional hardware buzzers and much more ! It is a complete quiz management solution, which includes features such as scoreboard.
LightSpeed is the result of collaboration of two passionate quizzers - Steve Kidd of Yorkshire and Anugrah Agnihotri of India.

How does it compare with the traditional hardware buzzers?

  • Traditional buzzer participants are limited by the number of hardwares in the set (usually 6-12).LightSpeed Buzzers, on the other hand, can connect up to 250 participants for a quiz session !

  • Traditional buzzers have a least count in seconds or microseconds.LightSpeed can resolve ties up to nanoseconds !  

  • What’s more, LightSpeed users can customize their buzz tune sounds to their liking.

A simple mobile Application on your phones negates the need to carry around those hefty hardware buzzers.

How does a Quiz session take place using LightSpeed?

  • Once all the participants and the Quiz master are connected to the same WiFi network, they launch the LightSpeed App and go to their respective sections and click on ‘Start’.A confirmation message appears on both the participant and Quiz master screens on successful pairing.Additionally the Quiz master can see a list of all connected participants.

  • Before asking any question, the Quiz master presses on the ‘reset’ button, which unlocks the ‘buzz’ button on the participant screens.

  • If a participant knows the answer he can press the ‘buzz’ button.The Quiz master is informed of the participants buzzing in a chronological fashion.A participant who has buzzed, is blocked from buzzing again, until he receives a ‘reset’ message from the Quiz master device.

  • The Quiz master can then evaluate the answers of the participants and grant/deduct points accordingly from his App screen itself by click of a single button.The Quiz master and participants can also view the current scoreboard from their screens.

How reliable is the LightSpeed Quiz Buzzer ?

Unlike, many of our competitors, LightSpeed is extremely robust and is dead simple to use.

  • Creating or joining a quiz session should take no longer than a few seconds.

  • It does not matter if the participant connects and ‘starts’ first or the Quiz master.

  • If a participant is disconnected midway a quiz, he can simply reconnect and resume with no loss to his scores.

  • LightSpeed also works in the background or after receiving a call during a quiz session.

The actual number of participants connected and the accuracy of buzz times, depends upon the quality of network/router used, and not upon the LightSpeed App.


How are participants identified ?

  • Each time a participant connects to the Quiz session network, a unique 18 character ID is generated for him. This ID is visible at the bottom of the participant’s screen. The Quiz master can also view a list of the connected participants in his ‘list’ section.

  • For the purpose of the quiz, the participant should enter his name/team name in the space provided at the top of his screen.This name will be used in the buzz list as well as to keep scores.

How can participants customize their buzz tunes?

  • A default buzz tune is provided for participants.

  • If the participant wishes to change the default tune, he needs to press the ‘tune’ button and select a tune from the list of notification tunes available on his device.

  • To add a custom tune to the list of buzz tunes available, the participant needs to add the audio file to his system ringtone folder (or equivalent).

What are the other features for participants ?

  • The buzz tunes are automatically played at the highest volume for the participants.

  • A haptic feedback (vibration) is provided when the participant buzzes.

  • The App remembers the last name/team name used by the participant, so that the participant need not enter it again.

  • The team name and the buzz tune can be changed midway a quiz session, though the former option is not recommended.

  • Participants can view the current scoreboard from their screen itself.Scores are refreshed after every ‘reset’ sent by the Quiz master.

Quiz Master

How can the Quiz master view the connected participants?

  • Every time a participant connects/disconnects from the quiz session, the Quiz master is informed of it via a message on screen.

  • To view the list of connected participants, the Quiz master needs to press the ‘list’ button.This list is dynamically updated as and when a device connects/disconnects.

What is the Buzz List on the Quiz master’s screen?

  • Buzz list is a chronological ordering of the participant names who have buzzed for the given question.This list is dynamically generated.

  • Although, the App tracks time up to nanoseconds, for the purpose of displaying on screen, the buzz times are rounded off to 4 decimal places. In the rare event of two participants having the same time, the one on top had a faster non-rounded time value.

  • The Buzz list automatically scrolls down to the latest entry in the buzz list.

  • Pressing on the reset button, before asking a new question, will clear the current buzz list.

How can the Quiz master evaluate answers and give marks?

  • The default marks for a correct answer is +2 and for a wrong answer is -1. These values can be changed by pressing on the ‘score’ button.It is advised to change these values only at the start of a quiz.

  • To allot marks to a particular participant, simply tap on that participant’s name in the buzz list and press on ‘correct’/’wrong’. All the math is done in the background by the App.

  • Team names evaluated  as correct are shown in green in the buzz list, and those evaluated as wrong are shown in orange. Unevaluated ones remain in white.

  • You can change the evaluation given by re-tapping a name on the buzz list and choosing your option.

How can the Quiz master view the current scoreboard?

  • The Quiz master can view the current scoreboard by pressing on the ‘score’ button.

  • This score sheet will persist for the duration of the quiz session and not just a single question.

  • Any team names missing from this score sheet have a score of 0.

What are the other features for the Quiz master ?

  • Automatic announcement by speech of the evaluation done for a particular team per question will be done by the App, so that all participants can know about it. The Quiz master can turn down his device volume if he wishes to disable this feature.

  • A ‘Take snapshot’ feature is available in the ‘score’ screen.Pressing on this button, will save photo(s) of the current scoresheet in the ‘Pictures’ folder on the storage.Quiz masters are advised to use this feature before closing a quiz session.Photos are named according to the date and time of the event.

Pricing and Passcodes

Is the App free to use?

  • The App is completely free to use for participants of a quiz.

  • However, Quiz masters need to purchase a PassCode before hosting a quiz.

  • A free trial PassCode for demonstration purposes is available.

What are PassCodes?

PassCode is a 5 character long, alphanumeric password that is required by Quiz masters in order to host a quizzing session.
Keep in mind that the PassCodes are case-sensitive. They are generated for, and will work only on, the specific device model, registered device email id and in some cases, the specified date of event. PassCodes are non-transferable.

What are the types of PassCodes?

There are 3 types of PassCodes available -


  • For a free demo session, enter the PassCode -'trial'.In this session, Quiz Masters can connect to as many participants as they wish.However, dummy names will be used for the participants who buzz.This will help you test the scalability of the quiz network and to get a feel of the various features, without being able to conduct a proper quiz.


  • The Regular Passcode is valid for a period of 24 hours, starting at 00:00 hours on the specified date.It can be used only on the authorized device and by the authorized account user.Within this 24 hour period, the PassCode can be used for as many quizzing sessions as desired.

The Master Passcode has NO expiry date.It can be used only on the authorized device and by the authorized account user.It can be used for as many quizzing sessions as desired.

What is the PassCode pricing?

We provide a competitive and flexible pricing scheme.


  • The 'trial' PassCode is free of cost.

  • A Regular PassCode costs 15 £ (pounds).

  • The price of a Master PassCode will be revealed upon request.


 For further enquiries, feel free to contact us by email at info@lightspeedbuzzer.com

How can I request for a PassCode?

  • To request for a PassCode click on ‘Don’t have a PassCode?’ link on the home screen of the App.

  • There are two ways to request for a Passcode from this screen -

  • First way is through live chatting with us, where we ask you for your details and reply to your queries.This is quick as responses are facilitated by notifications. You can return to this chat screen anytime to continue the conversation.

  • Second way, is to send an auto-generated email form for PassCode request.A pre-filled email will be generated for you, consisting of the Account id, device model and an event date(to be filled by you).Do not tamper with the existing contents such as recipients, subject and body of the mail. You may add any additional details you deem fit in it body of the mail.

  • That’s it. We will get back to you to initiate the payment process and to send you your unique PassCode.

Any other details about the PassCode?

For all the nitty-gritty please refer to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of ‘LightSpeed’.

  • Quiz masters hosting an event without purchasing a PassCode, by using a PassCode that was not generated/sent by us or by using a PassCode that was invalid, shall invite legal action.

  • Quiz masters using a PassCode on either an unauthorized account, unauthorized device or an unauthorized date, shall be liable to face legal action.

  • We are not liable for the PassCode generated by us failing to work for you.It is advisable to send us the PassCode request well in time(about a week) before your event takes place.Also, it is advisable to check, on the day of the event, if the PassCode works properly ,much before the event actually takes place.

  • In the rare eventuality that a generated PassCode fails to work, we may generate a new PassCode only after ascertaining that the request email sent by you was not tampered with and that the PassCode originally sent had failed to work.We make no assurance that the replacement PassCode will reach you in time for your event and that the replacement PassCode will work properly.

  • We do not, as a general rule, provide refunds for any purchases of the PassCodes made.An exception can be made in a rare case, which rests totally upon our goodwill.Therefore, it is advisable to try out the ‘trial’ passcode before purchasing a Regular PassCode and to try out a Regular PassCode before purchasing a Master PassCode.

  • The price of the PassCodes are subject to change at our discretion without any prior notice.


How can I record the screens during a quiz session?

Any suitable 3rd party screen recorder application can be used to record the screens during a quiz session.We would personally recommend using AZ Screen Recorder, which is available on Google Play Store.

How I can cast/mirror the screen to a laptop during a quiz session?

Any suitable 3rd party solution can be used to achieve this.It is recommended to connect via USB rather than WiFi, so that the quiz session network is not disturbed.
MirrorGo, Vysor and Mobizen are some screencast softwares available for USB.

What is the Privacy Policy of LightSpeed?

We take the privacy concerns of our users very seriously.

You can find the detailed Privacy Policy over here :


What are the Terms and Conditions for using LightSpeed?

A prerequisite for using LightSpeed App is the acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions document :


How can I contact you guys?

Feel free to contact us for any queries, feedback or problems that you may have faced.

You can contact us at - info@lightspeedbuzzer.com and anugrah.agnihotri@gmail.com


It is advisable to send your email to both the above email ids. We will try to be as responsive as possible.

I can’t wait to try out LightSpeed ! Where can I get it from?

You can download for free, the LightSpeed Android App from Google Play Store :