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LightSpeed Quiz Buzzer App is a virtual and cost effective alternative to circuit breaker buzzers, and can be used in quizzes, game shows and even classrooms.

Ideal for use in quizzes, game-shows and parties, it does away with the need to handle cumbersome manual buzzers.

It has been tried, tested and loved by quiz masters and game show hosts across the world. 

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The best of its kind. No question about it.


No Internet required

Creates a local WiFi network without requiring internet connection.

Unlimited participants !

250+ participant devices can be connected in a single quiz session.

Unmatched time accuracy

Can resolve buzz time ties upto a nano-second !

Lists all who buzz

Lists the names of all those who buzz in a chronological order.

Custom buzz tunes

Don't like the default buzzer sound? Use your own tunes!

Inbuilt Score-sheet

Quiz Master grants marks with a single tap. Current leaderboard is visible on all devices.

Lightweight and robust

Light years ahead of competition in terms of features, extremely reliable, yet has a tiny size.

Competitive Pricing

'Trial' mode is available for free. 'Regular' passcode is cheap. 'Master' passcode is dirt cheap !

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How does it compare with the traditional hardware buzzers?

​Hassle-free and inexpensive quizzing is now a reality !

  • Traditional buzzer participants have only 6-8 hardwares in a set. LightSpeed Buzzers can connect up to 250 participants at a time !

  • Traditional buzzers have a least count in seconds. LightSpeed can resolve ties up to nanoseconds !  

  • LightSpeed users can customize their buzz tune sounds to their liking.

  • No more manual scoring required ! Inbuilt scoresheet for quiz masters and participants.

How reliable is the LightSpeed Quiz Buzzer ?

Unlike, many of our competitors, LightSpeed is extremely robust and is dead simple to use.

  • Creating or joining a quiz session should take no longer than a few seconds.

  • It does not matter if the participant connects and starts first or the Quiz master.

  • If a participant is disconnected midway a quiz, he can simply reconnect and resume with no loss to his scores.

  • LightSpeed also works in the background or after receiving a call during a quiz session.

What are the other features for participants ?

  • A haptic feedback (vibration) is provided when the participant buzzes.

  • The team name and the buzz tune can be changed midway a quiz session.

  • Participants can view the current scoreboard from their screen itself.

What are the other features for the Quiz master ?

  • Automatic announcement by speech of the evaluation done for a particular team per question will be done by the App, so that all participants can know about it. 

  • A ‘Take snapshot’ feature is available in the ‘score’ screen.Pressing on this button, will save photo(s) of the current scoresheet in the ‘Pictures’ folder on the storage.

Notable Clients

Gujarat Quiz '17


A state-wide competition conducted by the government, which witnessed a participation of 2.3 million students.


United Kingdom

One of the best filmed open quiz in Europe, attended by seasoned quizzers from all over.

“Simple and accurate multi buzzer system. This little gem stands up to 6 hours of brutal buzzer quizzing every month.”

Mark Laycock, England

“Helped me conduct 5 quizzes across 4 cities at a fraction of the conventional price.”

Pranavkumar Adhyaru, India

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